Suffragan Bishop Yolanda Hunt

2022 President’s Award for Denominational Service

Yolanda's Early Life

Suffragan Bishop Yolanda Hunt is one of 14 children born to Hiram and Annie Mae Jackson. Born and raised in Chicago, Yolanda and her 12 living siblings were blessed to have parents committed to faith, family, and education.  While she and her eleven siblings were blessed to have attended college, Yolanda graduated with a B. A. in English Education and a minor in Psychology from Chicago State University. A lifelong learner, Suffragan Bishop Hunt has most recently begun study with a cohort of pastors at Hampton University

Yolanda's Journey As a Christian Leader & Minister

 The Jackson family was always united in their love for and service to the Lord.  Starting in 1967, the Jackson’s worshipped  at True Holiness Apostolic Church where Florence Nixon was the pastor. Following the death of Pastor Nixon, Yolanda’s father was elected as pastor. When True Holiness joined the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W.), the direction of Yolanda Hunt’s journey as a Christian leader and minister began to take shape. Having served in ministry since the age of 16, she has worked at the local level as a church administrator always focusing on ministry development and restructure, staff development and training. As a preacher and traveling evangelist, Evangelist Yolanda Hunt has preached, taught, and ministered in churches, retreats, and leadership conferences across the United States, Canada and throughout parts of Europe.

An anointed and much sought-after woman of God, Yolanda Hunt was mentored by such luminary leaders as her father, Elder Hiram Jackson, Bishop Horace Smith, and Bishop Arthur Brazier. When her father retired in 2004, Evangelist Yolanda Hunt became the pastor of True Holiness Apostolic Church. In 2010, with her father’s blessing, the church was renamed Rehoboth Apostolic Worship Center (RAWC). As a result of her passionate pastoral work, the membership of RAWC has grown tremendously and the church has moved to a much larger worship and teaching facility. The ministry of RAWC includes a passion for work with community outreach programs, local shelters, and neighborhood schools. RAWC also hosts an annual Community Day the public can obtain needed supplies, healthcare information, and educational support. 

Serving With Excellence

In both her denomination and her church, Yolanda Hunt has always served with excellence and led by example. In the P.A.W., her denomination, she has her diocese as the chairperson of the Illinois District Council (IDC) Young People’s Union and the advisor to the IDC Singles’ Ministry. She served two terms on the executive board of the IDC as Vice Chairman of the Illinois. Nationally her P.A.W. work has included positions with the International Pentecostal Young People’s Union (IPYPU) as Regional Coordinator of the Satellite Program, the Public Relations Assistant, and Director of the Worship Ministry. A prominent voice in her denomination, Evangelist Hunt was elected to the P.A.W. Executive Board where she served as a Lay Director.  Her work as pastor led to her ordination as a District Elder, the first woman in her diocese to receive that designation. On July 12, 2019, she was ordained a Suffragan Bishop, one of the few women elevated to that position in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

Yolanda Hunt's Legacy

Suffragan Bishop Yolanda Hunt has walked gracefully into ministry with the determination to encourage and teach the people of God. Despite her pastoral and denominational duties, Suffragan Bishop Hunt finds time to serve in the local campus ministries at both Saint Xavier University and Chicago State University.  In addition, she is a devoted mother and grandmother.