Deacon Henry Griffin

2022 Gerald Nuckolls Award for Christian Education

Henry's Early Life

Born on September 27th, 1926, Deacon Henry Griffin is yet, expressing an honorable legacy of family, friends, and faithful service to God. Henry is the sixth of the nine children born to Georgia and Oliver Griffin, on the family farm in Jackson Mississippi.

Papa Wiley Griffin, Deacon Griffin’s grandfather owned several hundred acres of farmland, he sold some to his sister and kept 209 acres for himself, passing it forward to Oliver, Deacon Griffin’s father. Papa Wiley raised cattle, watermelons, apples, pears, and pecan trees. As well as, owning two grocery stores. Deacon Griffin was raised by a loving and blessed family.

Military Service

In 1945 Deacon Griffin was drafted into the Army serving overseas in France and Germany during WW2. After the army he returned to Chicago, where he has lived ever since.

Baptized In Jesus’ Name

On March 19th, 1950, a young Henry Griffin was invited to IPC, where he heard Elder Ellis preach from Acts Chapter 10 about Cornelius – a good man not ready for heaven. That day Henry Griffin got baptized in Jesus’ name and was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Henry's Family Legacy

June 23rd, 1951, Henry married the beautiful Doris Ellis and to this union five children were born. His children are Ministers, First Ladies, Business owners, he has a bishop, a social worker assisting people with developmental disabilities, a PHD educator, and a Medical Doctor. Deacon Griffin has 12 grandchildren, all baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Spirit.  His grandchildren are college educated, earning their bachelor’s degrees as well as a couple with master’s degrees and a couple with Doctor’s degrees. His grandchildren are business owners, nurses, financial counselors, engineers, accountants, educators, and lawyers. Deacon Griffin has 16 great grandchildren with two on the way, truly his legacy will live on.

Commitment To His Faith

Deacon Griffin, was recently asked; Is there anything in your mind you would like to say?  Yes, he answered, I’ve served the Sunday School Department over 40 years, from teacher to General Superintendent. In addition, I’ve served as Deacon approximately 70 years, currently serving as Chairman of the Board. I pray that we continue to love the Lord, to get souls saved, and to remain a loving, faithful and unified people.

In Jesus name Amen