Rev. Frank C. Walton

2023 Trailblazer Award


Rev. Frank's Early Life

Rev. Frank C. Walton was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was the 4th of 8 children born to Robert and Joetta Walton who always celebrated faith and Gospel music. Frank accepted Christ at the age of 5 at the church where his uncle, J. L. Walton served as the pastor, Calvary Baptist Church in Chicago. Frank grew up surrounded by Gospel music. The famous recording artist Arthur Scales was his father’s best friend. Frank’s father and uncles were known as The Walton Brothers, a Gospel A Cappella group that performed across the country. They were the first live group featured on the renown Isabel Joseph Johnson radio program. 

Growing up, Frank attended Lindblom High School and Kennedy-King College. He was also an Explorer Scout and attended school in Sweden as part of an exchange student program. Frank completed undergraduate studies in Business Management at the John F. Kennedy College in the University of Nebraska where he studied vocal music. He later completed his master’s degree in theological studies at Faith International University and Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. In addition to his certification from the Interim Ministry Network, Frank studied business operations at the University of Phoenix.

Rev. Frank's Broadcasting Achievements

Frank’s career in radio began on the west coast where he was an announcer and hosted a program on Gospel 860 in Phoenix, Arizona. Frank is the founding president of the Seattle Area Gospel Announcers Guild and the West Coast Gospel Music Conference. He is an inductee of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio and was the 2009 GMWA/GAG Gospel Announcer of the Year. Among his many awards are the National Jitsuo Morikawa Evangelism Award from the American Baptist Churches of America and the honor of being deemed one of the Most Distinguished Men of Illinois in 2017. 

Church Leadership & Ministry

It was while he lived in Seattle that Frank accepted the call on his life. He definitely has a shepherd’s heart and has found his ministry niche to be support and leadership. He has helped several churches as they faced transition in ministry. He has served as the Interim Pastor of Christ Community Church of Wheaton, First Baptist Church of LaGrange, Community Baptist Church of Warrenville. In addition to his work with the Interim Ministerial Network, Frank works with several institutions to provide support for men across the country going through the grief process.

Using His Gifts to Serve Others

In his secular career, Frank held the position of National Director of Sales for Urban Ministries, Inc. Since 2002 Frank has owned First Class Financial Christian Services, providing resources to churches and non-profits with PowerChurch Software and consulting services. For nine years, Frank served as the Director of Business Operations for The Salvation Army Salvation in Tacoma, Washington. He also worked for Pacific Northwest and the Xerox Corporation. In work that merged his gift of ministry and secular talents, Frank was part of the Probation Challenge founded by the Honorable Eugene Pincham and Howard Bailey. The Probation Challenge’s aim was to provide the necessary education support for formerly incarcerated men and women to lead successful lives.

Rev. Frank & Pam Walton's Legacy

Frank Walton and Pam Morris-Walton have proven to be a powerful force in trailblazing a special place in Gospel Radio. But their commitment of faith and love is not on display for the notoriety of broadcasting. Their love of ministry, helping others, and promoting Gospel music as a way of life, has touched thousands across the United States. They serve the community in many ways. They provide weekly services including food, fellowship, prayer, and communion to seniors through nuHeart Ministries. Their influence us shown through their involvement in the Bud Billiken Gospel Fest, the Annual Black Marriage Chicago Conference, as Ambassadors for the Bernie Mac Foundation, and co-hosts of  the Broadcast Minister’s Alliance with the late Archbishop Lucius Hall. In 2020, this spirited husband-wife team became joint recipients of honorary doctorate degrees from the GMOR Theological Institute of America Midwest Region. Together they have more than sixty years in radio and media markets across the country. They are authorities on Gospel Music and have been positioned by God to collectively deliver a fresh, unique, and dynamic presentation of inspirational music. Collectively, Frank and Pam have three adult sons, one adult daughter, and five grandchildren.