Educated, Zealous, and Religious Advocates

Each year The EZRA Project recognizes African American students in the Chicago area who are active in their local churches and giving back to the Black/African American community. While this is a non-denominational award, the recipients are required to be members of churches recognized as part of the Christian community.

The award goes directly to the recipients for use in the manner that best fits their need. Applications for the EZRA Project Scholar Awards are available each year from February through June. All applications and supplemental materials must be submitted online. Recipients will be notified before August 1, and awards are presented by September 1. Recipients are also celebrated at the Annual Torchbearers Award Luncheon.


The Michael Sailes Legacy Scholar Awards are monetary gifts presented to African American students who are recent high school graduates. Applicants must be active in their local churches, exhibit an interest in service within the Black community, and be accepted into an accredited college or career-focused institution beginning in September of the award year. Letters of recommendation confirming community service and church involvement, as well as an essay and official documents including transcripts and proof of admission, must be submitted as part of the application. Financial aid and other monetary information are not required.


The Rosa Sailes Legacy Scholar Awards are monetary gifts presented to African American students enrolled in accredited seminaries or Bible colleges. These adults are not required to be active in or pursuing pastoral leadership. They must, however, give proof of being either in full-time, part-time, or bi-vocational ministry, or service as lay members or leaders in their local assemblies. Applicants must indicate how they have contributed their skill, talent, and time to the African American church and community; how their theological pursuits are enhancing or shaping their concept of what it means to serve God, the Church, and the Black community; and their plan for continuing their commitment to the Church and community after their theological studies. Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

Sankofa Memorial Donation Form

The Sankofa Memorial donation allows community members to honor the legacies of deceased individuals who served as mentors and role models in the Gospel and in their lives. It is our desire that Sailes Legacy Scholars will be encouraged by the life stories of their Sankofa Christians.

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