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Yes. The EZRA Project has always offered churches the opportunity to nominate members of their congregations for a Torchbearer Legacy Award. The Torchbearer Legacy Award was never intended to be a competition. That is why 2021 will see a revised campaign to recognize unsung congregational heroes through the Legacy Awards as well as with the launch of The Index of Legendary Christians which will broaden the number of people who can be acknowledged. While the 2020 Torchbearer Legacy Luncheon is obviously going to be different from any recognition program before, we expect that the 2021 awards will again honor recipients through the annual luncheon.

Yes. The EZRA Project is a 501c3 organization which means that your donations are always tax exempt. Tickets for the annual luncheon however are not eligible for tax exemption according to the tax code.

Yes. Contact the EZRA Project to explain your in-kind donation. Generally The EZRA Project looks for in-kind donations related to the annual auction and raffle as well as other items and services.

No. Christian and Catholic churches may participate in this program. Churches and all recipients and nominees for awards of any kind must profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, proclaim the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

No. Twenty years won’t do. However, service need not be at one church since there are times when Christians move membership to another congregation or city. Furthermore, the 35 years might have started at any time. For example, a person who begins teaching Sunday School at 25 will reach 35 years of ministry by the age of 60. Interestingly, most of the Torchbearer Legacy Awardees have actually had over 50 years of service.

No. When the awards began, they focused on Christian education. In order to expand the areas of ministry, we identified categories to include all areas of church ministry. Ministry areas may have encompassed adults, teens, or children. Other than the pastoral award, awardees need not be ordained or members of the clergy. Lay ministry is celebrated through the Torchbearer Legacy Program.

The Sailes Legacy recognizes the contributions to the church and community of high school graduates who are entering college or other post-secondary training as well as adults in accredited seminaries. These students are being awarded for their contributions to ministry and their commitment to their communities.

Yes. The EZRA Project encourages Christian service.

Yes. Michael and Rosa Sailes dedicated their lives to working in African American churches and schools. In honor of that work, The EZRA Project is committed to encouraging Scholars to “give back” for the improvement of the African American community.

Just say you want to help! Complete the volunteer form found on this website. Send an email to ezrafactor.com indicating a specific area in which you wish to help. Just contact us and we can discuss your next steps.

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