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The EZRA Project Response to the Corona Virus Pandemic

Just the word “pandemic” causes shock, creates overwhelming anxiety, and leaves most people with a sense of helplessness. That was how the EZRA Project was feeling when the reality of this pandemic was settling in. The primary question became, “How can we help?” Our first thoughts ran to PPE, the personal protective equipment needed so urgently in hospitals for doctors, nurses, technicians, and all those who were facing the horrors of this virus in ways that are so up close and personal that those medical professionals feared for their own lives and for the lives of their families.

When we couldn’t get PPE because larger entities had greater demand, the EZRA Project identified four initiatives for encouraging first responders, essential workers, frontline personnel and the people who understand the importance of staying in the houses. We’ve posted some of the pictures from Lunches for Heroes and continue to reach out through:

      • Lunches for Heroes – Lunches for First Responders and Essential Workers has provided lunches at local firehouses and a senior housing facility.
      • In It Together Pen Share – Social Distancing Reminders distributed randomly throughout our communities by Board members and volunteers.
      • Essential Notes Blitz – Cards of appreciation to essential workers at places like groceries, drug stores, and post offices, as well as neighbors who are staying the course.
      • Roseland Hospital Drive – We are partnering with organizations and individuals to raise funds for special thank you gift cards for workers at this neighborhood hospital which is still struggling to meet community need.

If you would like to join our effort to raise funds for Roseland Hospital, please donate our website ( We make the donation and provide notice to the hospital of everyone who helped make this effort possible.

We at The EZRA Project are praying for you and encouraging all you are doing for your family and friends as well as your sacrifices for all of us who are in this together.

Blessings and peace,

Rosa Sailes

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