Ezra's Response to Covid-19




A Special Project: Response to Covid19

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, The EZRA Project launched its “Thank You” Thursdays Campaign. We issued a challenge for others to join us by making Thursdays special for a hero who was making the sacrifice to keep themselves and others safe during Covid19. 

Lunches for Heroes provided noon meals for First Responders and Essential Workers has provided lunches at local firehouses and a senior housing facility.

Our Board members and volunteers joined the In It Together Pen Share and our Essential Notes Blitz which provided social distancing reminders randomly to community members, search responders, essential workers in our groceries, drug stores, and post offices, and other areas.

For the Roseland Hospital Drive, The EZRA Project partnered with several organizations and individuals to raise funds for special thank you gift cards for workers at this neighborhood hospital which was still struggling to meet community need.

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