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I don’t know about you, but Juneteenth was not a holiday I knew about until I was an adult. That reality is likely a truth that too many African American people share. What we didn’t learn in school or at home is a reason to shed a tear. It has been said that if we…

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What The Church Needs Now

Who is the ultimate creator? God is! And because He is the Creator, He excels in creativity! So, here’s a question: If we are made in His image and given responsibility for His creation (Genesis 1:26), doesn’t that require us to be creative also? After all, we were all born to be creative. That’s why…

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We Cannot Remain Silent

Donald Trump’s use of the Holy Bible as a photographic, political prop was a profane act. The fact that he held it upside down is a mockery of the Holy Writ. His exploitation of St. John’s Church as a backdrop for his political agenda was insulting. His photo with his wife before the Shrine of…

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God Bless Essential Workers

Most of us have entered our third month of staying at home, sheltering in place, and socially distancing from others. It’s not easy. But it is important. The EZRA Project wants you to stay safe even as businesses are opening and people are returing to work. We also want to always remember those who for…

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Thank A Teacher

Teacher Appreciation Week was May 4-8. As they say, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” But this year it is especially important that we thank teachers – that week and every week. In these few months, parents, grandparents, and guardians have discovered that teaching and babysitting are NOT synonymous. During this era of…

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