"Thank You"

Honoring frontline workers, first responders,
and others who are essential during this pandemic?

The EZRA Project Sponsors Back to School

As part of our Thank You Thursday program, The EZRA Project was a sponsoring donor for the August 19th Back-To-School giveaway sponsored by Alberta’s Lilly. Marcella Simmons, founder and CEO of Alberta’s Lilly, says the organization was able to donate 300 bookbags to children in the South Suburbs. What a blessing!


Week 1

The EZRA Project treated 5 firehouses to lunch.

Week 2

The EZRA Project continues treating another firehouse to lunch.

Week 3

Thank You to our Frontline Workers, who keeps us safe.

Week 4

Taylor Funeral Home

Week 5

Roseland Community Hospital

45 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60628

The EZRA Project gave special thank you gift cards for all workers.

Need some ideas? Here are a few other suggestions to get you started. Add your ideas as well. “THANK YOU” THURSDAY IDEAS:

    • Write a note to your mail carrier or send thank you notes to the workers at your local post office.
    • Make thank you cards and pass them out when you make a run to the grocery or drug store.
    • Have kids at home? Let them make doorknob hangers to thank neighbors for staying at home.
    • Create homemade face masks for the clerks or other workers in your local supermarket.
    • Organize family members, neighbors or friends to do something special for police
    • If you already know a worker at a nursing home or other care facility, ask permission to bake cookies for the workers on their shift.
    • Use your favorite platform to post a group video message, song, or prayer for an organization that is essential to you and your community.
    • Look up the Facebook info for an organization that helps keep you safe or provides an essential service. Send a message of gratitude to thank them for being essential!

First Responders, frontline workers and others are there for us. Let’s be there for them!